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Chair – Fatou Ceesay,

Members – Ummu Drammeh, Adrienne White, Zainabu Kooistra, Susan Pastor
1. Committee will be responsible for planning, development, coordination, and evaluation of the committee’s projects and programs
2. Strategically engage our local partners to identify areas of collaboration and explore potential opportunities that positively impact the committee
3. Coordinates with the Secretary to design and document an annual schedule for the committee’s events and programs
4. Develop, in consultation/collaboration with the Sister City Committee, short and long-term strategic plans for MKSC committee 


Madison-Kanifing Liaison COMMITTEE


Chair – Musa Jallow
Members – Zainabou Cole, Laity Joof, Jerreh Kujabi

1. Works closely with our international partners/stakeholders to research/study/identify needs and strategic areas of collaboration
2. Develop a framework to coordinate successful program implementation
3. Develop clearly defined milestones, and implement a system to evaluate and continuously monitor the progress of all international projects/programs
4. Advice the MKSC committee on potential travel advisories to the regions of our operations




Chair – Nyima Jabang,
Members – Julie Ndong, Amadou Janneh, Ismaila Drammeh, Jalika Ceesay

1. Committee shall coordinate and disseminate information such as brochures and other promotional materials about the MKSC committee and its activities to the general public
2. Support volunteer awareness campaigns as needed
3. Identify methods and assist in maintaining regular contact with the public
4. Provide insight and advice in areas of public relations and communication




Chair – Leon Bettis

Members – Ismael Turner, Jerreh Kujabi
1. Provide guidance, feedback, and direction on technology related matters
2. Design, develop, and maintain a functional website for the committee
3. Maintain and promote committee’s web presence through social media applications


Madison-Kanifing Facebook

Cover for Madison Kanifing Sister City
Madison Kanifing Sister City

Madison Kanifing Sister City

The Madison-Kanifing Sister City is a registered 501(C) (3) that undertakes projects that promote social and economic development.

It was an incredible honor to be part of Wisconsin’s first trade-oriented visit to West Africa. I traveled to the Gambia and Nigeria for this historic “foreign direct investment mission” with executives from Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. In my head, I keep reviewing fast-moving scenes from the past week, from the warmth welcome in Banjul to one of the largest markets in Sub-Saharan Africa in Lagos. In the past, I never imagined I would be on Gambian Radio and Television or “Coffee Time with Peter Gomez” with WEDC Secretary Missy Hughes or witnessing the excellent efforts of The Gambia’s Investment and Export Promotion Agency, bringing businesses to meet us at an extremely well-organized forum. There is so much to promote about Wisconsin’s key industries, food and beverage, manufacturing, biohealth, energy, water technology, and more. Africa is a continent with a rapidly growing population and emerging markets. It is also rich in natural resources, including minerals, oil, and gas. It offers opportunities for trade and investment in various sectors, including agriculture, energy, technology, infrastructure, and consumer goods. Engaging in business with Africa can open up new markets for Wisconsin businesses and contribute to economic growth.Economic activity involves relationship, involves learning about and knowing each other, and the culture of places we may not be familia with. Economic activity is a form of connection. It is about the people. I think about the people I represent here in the 48th Assembly District and the state and I want to do all I can to communicate the value of what we do and the opportunities here. I think about the people where I came from, and the role I can play in highlighting the value of what they do, what they offer to the world, and how we all benefit from connection. This is mutually beneficial. And I get to be doubly proud, as a Wisconsinite, and as an African.Engaging in business with African nations can also strengthen cultural and diplomatic ties. I can’t wait for a Wisconsin Trade Mission to Sub-Saharan Africa soon, so some of my fellow policy makers can share my experience and the importance of the relationship with the continent. ... See MoreSee Less
Speaker’s Task Force on Artificial Intelligence @ Green Bay. ... See MoreSee Less
International students play a crucial role in the United States, contributing to various aspects of society and the economy. I am about to get into this conversation with international students and faculty members at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. My appreciation to director and deputy director Scott Pierson & Danielle Clorizio for the arrangements. ... See MoreSee Less

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