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Initiation and support of academic exchanges, communication, friendship, understanding, and sustained learning between students, teachers, and faculty, from elementary through university levels, through seminars, workshops, conferences, scholarships, exchanges, email and other media, along with activities such as book/school supplies/ clothing drives, literacy campaigns, teacher training, volunteer and service projects, and others.


Promotion of the unique cultural and artistic diversity among citizens of both cities through heritage and art fairs, cultural exchanges, mutual learning and sharing about land/people/life in sister-cities, screenings of educational/cultural films with facilitated discussions, strengths/assets sharing and support, and other activities to build and support understanding and better appreciation for the rich cultural lives of the people both in cities.


Promote collaboration and capacity building in sustainable agricultural practices and enacting inclusive growth programs in clean energy usage. A carefully planned formula for integrating sustainable agriculture and clean energy could help eliminate inefficiencies such as post-harvest loss and give an edge to small farmers.


Sharing of knowledge, practical skills, and resources through distance learning, student field experiences, health exchanges, projects, and other means in order to foster optimal physical and mental health, well-being, and healthcare for communities and targeted groups.

Civic & Economic development

Establish and support sustainable financial empowerment and small business endeavors and forge collaboration with civic local organizations which will advance economic development and civic leadership